Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Jack B. Nimble Winter update and Happy New Year!

Although I didn’t get it out in time for Christmas, the latest update to Jack B. Nimble has been released on iOS in time for the new year.

The update features a brand new Winter-themed level, “Bitter Bluffs”, much requested Game Center support for leaderboards, a number of big fixes and a couple of performances tweaks.

While the initial sales spike from the update wasn’t exactly mind blowing, the number of updates was really healthy (more than a third of the user base) – hopefully we’ll see a lot more players on the leaderboards in the new year.

Speaking of leaderboards, I am aware that previously scored scores are not being submitted to Game Center – I’m going to look into putting out a quick patch to redeem this. It was definitely a major oversight of mine, and I’m sorry to those that lost their scores in the latest update – take comfort in the fact that these updates are free and always will be.

I know I still need to write up my first month post mortem, I didn’t get a chance due to working on the Winter update. You can expect it early next year, I need to run some analytics and speak with some of my contemporaries. Until then, here’s a very early glimpse of the next new level…

Oh, and happy new year!