Friday, 9 November 2007

The Return!

It's been some time since I've written one of these blog things, and it's since moving to Newcastle/Gateshead that I've been inclined to keep some form of a record once more. All previous attempts at this were to offer insight into my now dormant project, 'The Opera', so you'd think that any future entries would be about my next project..?

It would be nice if it were true, however, I am unable to disclose any information on said project in fear of a thorough sacking (NDA’s are a thing). I now work at Midway, a company currently enjoying the release of their most recent title, 'Stranglehold'.

I trust anyone reading this is perceptive enough to realise that 'Stranglehold' is a very similar project to 'The Opera', that is, if the latter were to be crossed with 'Max Payne' and given a lengthy single player component. I take pride in the fact that I work for a company that makes money from themes and ideas that I am passionate about. I, however am working on Wheelman, an open world third person/driving action game. It's got a huge selling potential through it's link to Vin Diesel via Tigon Studios and there's potentially a feature film in the works too!

I'm enjoying working on the project and wouldn't change this career move for anything in the world... except maybe having a chance to work on Stranglehold 2 with a significant amount of creative input (read: create 'The Opera').

One can dream…

Those great scots over at Consolevania have been given another series by the BBC (love you) and have in turn created a website of webisodes, which can be found here.