Thursday, 23 May 2013

Watch Dogs on Xbox One


That’s just us announcing that we will be releasing Watch_Dogs on Microsoft’s new console, Xbox One. Or Xbone. Or Xbo. Or whatever the kids are going to call it in the future.

Not long until E3!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Watch Dogs Trailer and Press Tour

There’s been a metric fuck tonne of Watch_Dogs news in the last few days, all thanks to our recent press tour and media blast – the most important of which, is our first cinematic trailer! You can catch that below.
There’s also a bunch of previews showcasing our systemic demo that was recently demoed to the press. I’ve listed a couple below.
On top of all that media, a development diary highlighting Watch_Dogs and the PS4 was also made available. That video can be found over at the Playstation blog, here.
Watch_Dogs_Alex_RossWe also had Alex Ross’ take on the Watch_Dogs box art. His artwork is available in poster form for those who pre order Watch_Dogs at GameStop. A video featuring the Alex Ross promotion can be found here. For more on the art front, a number of exclusive wallpapers can be grabbed over at the Watch_Dogs website for those that sign in via Uplay.
The response so far has been amazing. It’s really quite awesome to work on a game this anticipated and that generates such a huge amount of hype. It’s a shame I can’t really talk too much about development or share any of what I’m working on in particular, but there will be more revealed in the run up to release on November 19th.
I’ve been playing a bunch of Xbox Live Arcade games lately, namely FarCry 3 Blood Dragon. After that’s done, I’m probably going to go back to my thousandth play through of Metal Gear Solid.