Monday, 26 May 2014

Watch_Dogs Released

It’s finally here! After a slight but much needed delay we’ve got it out of the door and into a box or digital download if that’s your thing…

Watch_Dogs Launch Trailer

This’ll be the first game I’ve worked on with this level of anticipation and hype - it may even be my last, but that’s for another time... right now, I’m enjoying reading the last waves of speculation, monitoring the excitement (on GAF) and eagerly awaiting the reviews.

I realise I never really blogged a great deal during the production of Watch_Dogs, or for that matter any AAA game I’ve worked on, really. It’s down to a number of factors; not having time due to the fact I am busy working on said game, perhaps not having the permission to do so, and to be honest, not knowing whether or not people will want to read anything I have to say about it.

…but that’s all going to change a little as I increasingly talk about my indie efforts, but again, that is for another update.

Anyway, enjoy Watch_Dogs and wish me luck for whatever it is I end up doing next!