Thursday, 28 March 2013

Watch Dogs updates

So there's been quite a lot of Watch Dogs news as of late. Here's a wee round up of the main updates…

Firstly, we have released an analysis video of the footage we released at the PS4 reveal from the perspective of ctOS.

There's some really positive reactions from the community - something that I'm rather happy about. It's fun to read all of the speculation and a genuine joy to see fans pick out specifics such as profiler entries and other living city elements. I hope people get to see more soon!

Secondly, we revealed the box art for the various versions of the game.

Watch_Dogs Box Art

I like it, and more importantly, the interweb seem to like it too! I also chuckled at one particular gaffers take on it. Heh.

Thirdly, we announced that Watch Dogs will be powered by a new in house engine, built specifically for the game. We call it "Disrupt", and it's pretty awesome. Hopefully that should put to rest the amusing rumours that we were making an Assassin's Creed mod.

And last but not least, we've announced that the game will be heading to Wii U! I know that'll please a great many people out there!

If you're crazy eager to secure a copy of the game, you can now preorder through the Watch Dogs website.