Sunday, 17 August 2014

The obligatory Far Cry 4 post

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here, and while I’m sitting on a couple of half written blog entries (some of which I will get to later), I thought I’d address what I’ve been doing at Ubisoft for the last few months…

I joined the Far Cry 4 team! Everyone has been great so far and I really hit the ground running. Coincidentally there’s two of my old Wheelman pals on the team and although I only work with them indirectly, I’d like to think the spirit is there. As a slight tangent, a bunch of my old Wheelman buds who formed Pitbull Studios from the ashes of Midway, just got picked up by Epic Games. Great news!

Back to Far Cry 4 – my role has had me designing and implementing a couple of levels/missions from early in the game’s main campaign – similar to my work on Watch_Dogs, but this time an overall shorter mandate and straight into full production.

…and speaking of Watch_Dogs, I have yet to mention it’s record-breaking status as the fastest selling new IP in videogame history at 4 million sales in its opening week. Quite the feat, and I hear that total sales are estimated to be somewhere in the region of 7 or 8 million. That one title has outsold all the games of my career so far, combined. Incredible.

Outside of Ubisoft, I’m putting the finishing touches on my first indie release, “Jack B. Nimble”. This is the full version of my game jam game of the same name created for last year’s Game Boy Game Jam. gameThe full release will contain improved visuals, widescreen support, an enhanced soundtrack and numerous bug fixes. Expect that in the next few weeks.

I have also teamed up with another ex-Watch_Dogs designer, Scott Morin to create another Game Boy styled game called “Bad Cloud”. It’s a horizontal shmup full of cuteness and over the top action. I’ll be doing a post mortem of it’s failed game jam entry and subsequent rebirth as a full title soon.


I’m also sitting on my write up and post mortem of our second Ubisoft Montreal game jam entry, “No Evil”. I’ll get around to finishing that, even if it’s a little late…

Until next time… and for those of you that are interested, I’ve just started a tumblr at – it’ll be a place where I put all of my indie game screenshots and reference material.