Sunday, 25 November 2012

A number of updates

So I moved into my new place – kitted it out with electronics, bought a load of furniture and all the boring kitchen stuff (oddly this seemed to excite me). There were some issues getting the place decorated but that’s water under the bridge. Seriously shitty water. With lumps in…

I’ve got most things setup now, all essential bills such as Hydro, Internet and Cellphone are sorted - setting up everything online was painless. So far Videotron have been an excellent company for high speed Internet, and their customer service is second to none.

After several years of rocking the good old iPhone 3GS, I gave in and picked up an iPhone 5. I stuck with Virgin after having no problems with my previous short term contract. I thoroughly recommend them; good customer service even if the contracts are a little pricey (free SMS back to the UK though).

My box of stuff arrived after a month of being held in customs, so I was able to play my imported Nintendo Wii. I wrote an old school letter and explained why I believed I didn’t need to pay any customs taxes or anything – seemed to work, I even got away with not paying the customs agent. Rightly so after they dented my Fallout lunchbox…

Twilight_PrincessSo on the Nintendo Wii I’ve been slowly plugging away at The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I’m a couple of hours in and it’s most definitely Zelda, but it’s lacking the charm of the previous instalments. It’s probably the most underwhelming Zelda title I've played to date. Don't get me wrong, it's a well made title, but I didn't find myself enjoying it until I'd already clocked 20 hours when the game started to open up and allow for some player expression…

I have recently picked up an Xbox 360 slim and a Playstation 3 Super Slim. I was disappointed that I couldn’t change my account details on either system, to allow for a Canadian credit card. Luckily you’re allowed multiple logins so you can just use the UK account to download games then login and play them on a Canadian account. Of course this will probably cause some issues when my UK PS+/Xbox Live Gold accounts run out – but until then everything is fine. It’s a shame this trick isn’t available on the PS Vita – at least that isn’t region locked.

Speaking of PS+, the Starhawk single player campaign is downloadable for free, and it’s not too bad. You’ll likely blast through it in a weekend and probably encounter an abnormally high amount of bugs for an in-house Sony production, but the entry price is free and it has space cowboys…

On Xbox 360 I finished off The Walking Dead. Bloody brilliant. My personal game of the year, and a game I am likely to replay again in the new year.

10000000I briefly mentioned in my video post that I was about to play a game that goes by the awkward title of 10000000. It is excellent. Do not waste time reading my opinion. Download it.

Rayman Jungle Run is another iOS great I’ve been prodding my screen at. Though I do feel like recommending it as a Ubisoft employee might appear a little biased… but then if you don’t download it, it’s your loss.

Rayman Jungle Run:

And finally, a wee update on Watch Dogs – the project is going well. In fact we’re looking for more talent to join our team!

I’ve yet to pick up a Wii U after my pre order was cancelled, but I’m sure in the coming weeks I will cave and grab one.

Bonus mention!

My previous company, Ruffian Games contributed towards Microsoft/Sumo Digital’s latest Kinect fitness release, “Nike+ Kinect Training”. I did a wee bit of (uncredited) work on it some time ago and it looked pretty swish at the time. If fitness is your thing, give it a look.

I’m currently playing inFAMOUS, Quake and FarCry 2.