Sunday, 8 April 2012

2011 – Thanks for playing!

I’ve yet to comment on 2011 coming to a close, so I’ll do it now.

2011 was an interesting year - I learnt skills in areas I didn't even know were available to me, gained a lot of experience using multiple game engines/technology, and on top of that played a metric fuck tonne of games.

Unfortunately there were no releases from me/Ruffian in 2011 and there’s nothing I can talk about regarding future projects. That being said, Kinect Star Wars just saw its release, and I did a little bit of level design work on that.starwars_kashyyyk0 It seems to be getting average reviews from games press with some more favourable reviews from generalist media. The Internet is ablaze with talk of the dance mode – I think it’s rather amusing.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes...

Last year my plan was to finish a horror game each month - I failed miserably, but did manage to complete my other task, which was to finish the half-life anthology for the first time (wee write ups of these are linked below).

someplaceelse0On top of that, I managed to play some other Half-Life mods such as the rather special, “Someplace Else” – a mod that manages to make Xen fun (yes, it’s possible), and I finally got around to playing Portal, and bloody good it was too!

…which brings me to this year’s challenge; I’m going to play through Half-Life 2, both it’s episodes, and Portal 2. I plan to start some time next month.

A couple of quick thoughts…

  • Loving online games (Gotham City Impostors, Killzone 3)
  • Loving my iPad (the GTA III port is great)
  • Loving cheap games on Steam (especially the Christmas offers)
  • Loving my Playstation Vita (Lumines is akin to crack)
  • Not loving my Nintendo 3DS (but Resident Evil: Revelations is great)
  • Loving LoveFilm (catching up on old classics)
  • Not loving Netflix (but the anime selection is worth the subscription)

I’m currently developing a UDK game under the amusing working title of “Shootan”, updates can be found via the label here.