Saturday, 12 January 2013

Crackdown 2: The Pacific City Archives

I was sorting through some stuff this weekend and came across a bunch of Crackdown 2 comics in PDF form. They were originally a pre order bonus but were also released in animated form as promotional material for the game.

The comics were written by fellow Crackdown 2 designer and series veteran, Ed Campbell with art by ex-2000 AD artist, Alex Ronald (who did some artwork for Ruffian Games in the past). They acted as a prequel as well as bridge between the Crackdown and Crackdown 2 games. In essence they were propaganda setting up the Agency in a sympathetic light – though as anyone who played the original Crackdown through to the final act can attest, the Agency was a much more sinister organisation.

I can’t say I was ever really overly attached to the story in the Crackdown series, I saw it more of an excuse to jump around a city and shoot some bastards, but these comics were well done and at least their intentions were good.

You can download the comics in PDF form or view the animated versions exclusively hosted at the Machinima channel on YouTube.

Episode 1 “Home Truths” – Comic Download

Episode 2 “Evil Seed” – Comic Download

Episode 3 “The Virus: What We Know” – Comic Download

Episode 4 “The Cell: A New Threat To Peace” – Comic Download

Episode 5 “Sunburst: A New Dawn” – Comic Download

Full Series Download