Friday, 13 April 2012

The Kickstarter Post

I’m finding this Kickstarter thing rather exciting. I’ve donated just over $200 or so into projects so far and I’ve got my eye on a couple that are sure to further lighten my wallet. The thing is, it’s worth it. So far the majority of these projects are about bringing back the games of the past that got lost in the modern era. We’re talking old PC games; your Syndicates, Dungeon Keepers, Shadowruns, Fallouts… such games don’t have marketable value right now, (unless you turn them into first person shooters, heh). Kickstarter is fixing that (at least in the short term) and it’s most welcome.

Here are a couple I’ve been interested in and some that are probably worth a punt:

Oh, and there’s “Kicking It Forward”, a wee honour system , where if successful, participating Kickstarter projects will donate 5% of their funding to other Kickstarter projects. Pretty cool.

Give generously (before this bubble inevitably bursts)!