Sunday, 31 July 2011

A very Nazi weekend

This weekend my media consuming habits were invaded by Nazis.

Firstly by Steam’s free weekend of Dino D-Day, a poor man’s Day of Defeat with the welcome (?) addition of Nazi dinosaurs. I dismissed this sometime ago after watching Giant Bomb’s Quick Look at the title but you can’t argue with free.

dm_gela_trex0000…or maybe you can, time is debatably more important than money. Besides the fact that there only appears to be one map (or at least one that anybody plays) the game is completely weighted towards the Nazis. Why would anyone choose Allies when they are limited to generic human classes whereas Nazi’s may play as those same classes alongside a multitude of dinosaur classes, including a T-Rex which very much riffs on Left 4 Dead’s Tank character. dm_gela_trex0004Servers are always stacked on the Nazi side - in my eyes it’s just broken. Allies could have been provided vehicles or power armour or something to even the odds. In this latest release they are given a “dino reject” and somewhere I read it was possible to play as a machine gun goat, though I never saw this with my own eyes.

I’m not sure how packed servers will be any time after this free weekend is up, as the game relies on it’s absurdity to garner any attention.

  • Play as a Dilophasaurus and toss goats through the air with your powerful jaws
  • Play as a T-Rex and Gun down countless allied threats with twin machine guns
  • Cock your leg and urinate on your prey for no reason whatsoever
  • Play as a woman in a team based online shooter

dm_gela_trex0002Unfortunately none of these points really interested me very much, any entertainment had was from the fact that it was a multiplayer game involving other people, where one can be fighting beside someone called “WankFactory” or see the term “T-Rex needs ammo” typed into a chat window.

I wouldn’t advise picking this up unless you can get in on the free weekend or find it heavily discounted.

Later I watched Dead Snow, a film featuring waves of Nazi undead running about the snow capped mountains of Norway.

Nothing new, a bunch of kids go up to a cabin in the mountains and get harassed by an unknown terror – in this case gold seeking Nazi Zombies. Some great moments of tension towards the start and a fair few smiles were had. It was rather low on the laughs although there were some particularly amusing gory deaths and the Zombie makeup was as gruesome as it was inventive.

Ein Zwei Die!

Give it a watch.

And finally someone on Twitter linked to a relatively new trailer to the upcoming sci-fi comedy, Iron Sky. It looks somewhat entertaining…

Provided there’s no slapstick or other such cringe-worthy comedy I’ll be all over that, supposedly there’s a game planned to support the release also.

Also, Monday bank holiday!