Monday, 15 December 2008

Wheelman, Wheelman, does whatever a Wheelman can…

Just a quick one.

As we near the end of Wheelman’s development, the hype machine comes out in full force. Not only do we have a new website up and running but we’ve let the vipers into the nest to play the game – and it seems they like it. Almost every preview so far has been positive. I’m just waiting for the various Oscar Wilde’s of Kotaku to comment...

Below is a random machinima where I played as a ‘mook’, back when I was a wee malchick in the Half-Life modding community. The game is Action Half-Life and you should all check it out.

I miss the old modding days somewhat…

This weekend I was mostly drinking, falling asleep and singing karaoke.

Next weekend I play games!

The definition of mook is rubbish!