Monday, 13 October 2008

I am but a man... a Wheelman!

Yet again it has been a while - nobody told me a job in the games industry would mean there would be no time for fun and bloggery but ‘nay bother’ - at least I’m happy.

I’ve settled nicely into my position at Midway and am finding the people surrounding me to be great in and out of work, which is excellent because I feel as though I live in the studio more than I do my home. Truth be told my flat is purely a place for me to sleep and shower, I don’t even eat there – and for those counting, I’ve eaten in my flat a total of 16 times in 12 months. I am planning at some stage (depending on my situation after shipping Wheelman) to move to a much more ponce friendly area on my own, without anyone to answer to. My current flat mates are great – anything beats the psycho I lived with a few months back... but yeah... they aren't the problem, I just feel I need my own space and even fewer responsibilities than I have right now.

Fewer responsibilities mean more focus on work – I stepped back recently and looked at the number of hours I have been putting into Wheelman. On one side I’m shocked; on the other I’m pleased.

Shocked because working half an hour’s overtime wasn't in my vocabulary a year ago, let alone twice my core hours… and pleased because I’m doing what I want to do without rebelling against a schedule not too distant from that of Kunta Kentai’s.

There have been a lot of good previews and responses to Wheelman at various events such as E3, Midway Gamer's Day, etc. I'm pretty happy about that – hope the reviews keep a similar tone…

Last minute note alert! Consolevania has started once more, and this time they're going all Web 2.0. Check the following video for details...

And as a final note, I have started a twitter!